• The Four Basses On The Field Are The Bone Of Contention In A Game Of Baseball

    The Four Basses On The Field Are The Bone Of Contention In A Game Of Baseball

    A game of baseball involves two teams with nine players in each team pitted against each other with the task of scoring runs by running around a series of bases. The aim is to return to the point where one began. The pitcher pitches the ball in such a fashion that it is hard for the batter to hit the ball with the ball. He can run around the bases till the ball tags him. The teams switch their roles of batting and batting after three consecutive tagging events. The aim of the game is, of course, to score the most points. The team that scores the most points is declared to be victorious.

    Professional baseball players engaged with the game usually play nine innings of the game. Those not so adventurous or energetic end up with six or seven innings. Those playing the game at the amateur level observe variations in the number of players in each team and the number of innings.

    The game is essentially played between the defensive players who are out in the field in their full strength, while only those who are to use the bat on the field are on the field from  the team of offensive players. This way, there can be as many as four players from the offensive team at a time on the field. But only one is allowed to wield the bat over the ball. The game involves a lot of coordination and team work on the part of the players.


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